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These programs offers strategies, techniques, tips, and tricks that will help improve scores on language proficiency exams. Throughout the program, learners take multiple practice teststhat provide them with constructive feedback to improve scores.

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As experts in cross-cultural education, LearningU recognizes that non-native English speakers face unique language and cultural challenges attending college or university in the United States, or when learning how to do business within the English speaking world. Our courses identify and target these challenges while helping learners realize their potential.
Education is power, and LearningU provides the steps toward enabling students to achieve success. The LearningU platform offers a variety of features and benefits for partners and individuals alike. Select from the options below to learn more about these key benefits.

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"The course was excellent and I really learned some strategies for the TOEFL exam. I will recommend this course to my friends!"

− Prep Program Student

"I love the program, It's fun, the lessons are short so I don't get bored or lose interest on them."

− Araceli S., Student

"Your services have helped United Education reach potential students via online that otherwise we would not be able to help in accomplishing their academic pursuits."

− Roy Bosch, Director
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