This program is designed to help participants improve their ability to communicate ideas effectively, through English, in business situations.

Program Summary

English has become the international language of business. This program is designed to help students communicate ideas effectively using English in business situations. Throughout the course, students learn culture, vocabulary, idioms, grammar, and business communication skills that they can use to express their thoughts clearly and confidently to other English speakers.
Each module is built around a business communication skill, such as giving and receiving feedback, making small talk, pitching ideas, or running a meeting. The full list of business communication skills is shown in the course outline. Activities to help students improve specific language skills are included in order to support the specific business communication skill taught in each lesson. The most common activity components found throughout the lessons are:
  • Listening (business scenarios that feature native English speakers using the communication skill the lesson focuses on)
  • Vocabulary
  • Idioms
  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Culture
Strategies for improving all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) are taught, but an emphasis is given to listening and speaking. As Western culture plays an important role in English communication, culture points are also given throughout the course.

Business communication skills

Business scenarios

Western business culture

Vocabulary and idioms

Grammar exercises

Pronunciation activities

Language Trainer

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"The course was excellent and I really learned some strategies for the TOEFL exam. I will recommend this course to my friends!"

− Prep Program Student

"I love the program, It's fun, the lessons are short so I don't get bored or lose interest on them."

− Araceli S., Student

"Your services have helped United Education reach potential students via online that otherwise we would not be able to help in accomplishing their academic pursuits."

− Roy Bosch, Director

The Program at a Glance

In this course, students will learn critical lessons regarding business culture. Individual lessons and review quizzes are meant to fit within 15-30 minutes blocks, allowing business people to study on their lunch breaks or other periods of free time. Each module in this course contains one or more multimedia presentations including audio, video, and lecture material. Throughout the course students practice speaking using a voice recording tool. The course includes tips for improving all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) with an emphasis is given to listening and speaking.

Presenting Informaton in English


Leading Meetings


Discussing Difficult Issues


Giving & Receiving Feedback and Reviews