Universities, colleges, and business throughout the world use the TOEFL® to measure a speaker’s ability to comprehend and use English.

Program Summary

This course will help you learn strategies, techniques, tips, and tricks that will help improve reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores. Throughout this course, there are multiple practice tests, as well as the opportunity to submit speaking responses and writing essays graded by trained graders.

Interactive Exercises and Activities

The course is divided into three important areas: integrated strategy lessons, authentic practice tests, and feedback from human graders.

Each section of the program contains interactive exercises and activities designed to help students prepare for the exam while also keeping the student engaged with the curriculum.


Throughout the program, students interact with short quizzes based on the information learned in the curriculum presentation.

By integrating a student’s assessments with the curriculum, the student is able to receive immediate and contextual feedback to help reinforce what they just learned.

Test Simulation

The Test Simulator gives students an accurate picture of what they will encounter when they sit for the TOEFL iBT.

Through the Test Simulator, students receive personalized feedback on their speaking and writing responses and essays; improving their preparation in each section of the exam.

Course Overview

Reading Section

Listening Section

Speaking Section

Writing Section

Test Simulation

Recognize specific types of questions
Identify common answer traps
Learn note taking strategies
Use templates to organize effective responses
Learn effective time management skills

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"The course was excellent and I really learned some strategies for the TOEFL exam. I will recommend this course to my friends!"

− Prep Program Student

"I love the program, It's fun, the lessons are short so I don't get bored or lose interest on them."

− Araceli S., Student

"Your services have helped United Education reach potential students via online that otherwise we would not be able to help in accomplishing their academic pursuits."

− Roy Bosch, Director
Interactive Lesson Pages for TOEFL
Lesson Pages for TOEIC
Practice Questions for TOEIC
Complete Practice Tests

The Program at a Glance

This program is divided into 5 main components (Overview, Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing) and is made up of test-taking strategy or skill lessons and practice tests. Each question on every practice test is linked to at least one of the strategy lessons so that students can be directed where to go to review the strategies and skills needed to pass specific types of questions on the exam. You can offer the program as a whole (all 5 sections) or you can offer students each section individually. By doing it this way, you can give your students exactly what they need to prepare for the exam.

Test Overview


Reading Section


Listening Section


Speaking Section


Writing Section